The most commonly asked question relative to an aged, deteriorated, or leaking roof is…
Should we patch up or should we replace?

Unfortunately, a general error often made by building owners is to act on a emergency without requesting a roofing breakdown. This approach is one of the major causes of poor performing, high cost roofing and more money spent on new roofing without discovering the original failure of the prior roofing system. Fixing problems that cause roof leaks is not a preventive roof maintenance program; it is a crisis management approach.

To carry out preventative or corrective maintenance, an existing roof must be able to withstand the traffic it will go through during repairs. If repairs are limited in scope and the roof is capable of receiving treatment, repairs may be cost-effectively performed. Our professional repair technicians are trained in repair methods for commercial and industrial buildings.

However, if there is widespread damage and repair work to complete, it is wise to examine both the cost and effectiveness of repairs versus re-roofing approaches. Recognizing when to maintain and when to replaceĀ a roofing system is critical.