Surviving the FM Jungle

May 3, 2017 Bill Baggesen 4

The 2017 IFMA Education Day and Reverse Trade Show, “Surviving the FM Jungle,” was a great event here in Orlando. If you are not familiar with trade shows, typically vendors set up a booth at the event and purchasing companies browse the booths. The goal of a vendor is to sell your product to the client. As you may have guessed, in a reverse trade show, the roles are reversed.


This was my first reverse trade show. I loved it! As a vendor, it was a nice change of pace to be able to approach each company I was interested in working with and present P & A Roofing and Sheet Metal, Inc. I was in attendance with two company representatives from our service and maintenance department. We were able to make many new contacts we would not be guaranteed to make in a traditional trade show. Being a part of IFMA has been beneficial to the development of our brand and in keeping business relationships alive. If you are not already, I highly suggest checking out their website at this link.

The educational portion of the event was presented by motivational speaker, Carolyn Rivera, Who Survived a jungle of her own! Carolyn worked in corporate America for many years. In 2014 she competed on the show Survivor. She used her knowledge from the corporate world to survive on the show. She says she was able to survive on the show because she listened to her instincts. Alliances were of little assistance to survival, acording to Carolyn.


Alliances are an important part of business. An alliance is defined as a union or association formed for mutual benefit, especially between countries or organizations. While intuition can direct you on how to approach or move forward with an alliance, they are the real key in building a business.

Luckily, attending the 2017 IFMA Education Day and Reverse Trade Show started the beginning of a few great alliances for P & A Roofing and Sheet Metal, Inc. We are looking forward to surviving the FM jungle alongside our new allies created at this event.