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The Roof Rescue Program

Do you have a friend or neighbor in our community who goes above and beyond for others but could really use a new roof without the financial stress? If you do, we’d love for you to nominate them for a free roof replacement through our Roof Over Your Head program.

Help someone by nominating

P&A Roofing offers a program tailored to assist qualifying homeowners in obtaining a top-tier roof at zero cost. This initiative is particularly beneficial for seniors, veterans, first responders, and educators, all of whom play vital roles in our society. We take pride in extending this opportunity to these deserving individuals, ensuring they receive a free roof replacement with no obligations attached.

By nominating someone in need, you’re enabling them to reside in their home safely and comfortably, alleviating concerns about the financial burden associated with roof replacement. Our comprehensive program covers all expenses, including materials, permits, and labor, providing homeowners with absolute peace of mind

Through “Roof Rescue” we are dedicated to supporting those who have made significant contributions to our communities. If you’re aware of a homeowner requiring a new roof who meets our eligibility criteria, we urge you to nominate them today. Contact us to discover how you can assist your loved ones or community members in securing a new roof and maintaining their home with peace of mind.

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